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How’s the coffee at your church? Do people stick around because of it or in spite of it? Does it come with conversation or just a digestive?

Last year – along with some others – I launched a campaign called Give up bad coffee for lent (GUBC4L). Inspired by conversations about posters half-heartedly slapped on church walls, too-cheap-to-be-any-good washing up liquid and of course naff, tasteless (and usually inagreen teacup) instant coffee, the campaign aimed to put a little generosity back into our churches. This is the reason for the questions above. Don’t ignore them, they’re as valid as questions about what songs you sing, Bible version you use or style of preaching you deploy.

Following Lent the GUBC4L name seemed inappropriate so we renamed it to Entertaining Angels. Another term bandied about is Gospel hospitality.

Whatever it is called the idea here is that people coming into God’s house (for whatever reason) should be treated as if they were coming into our own.

Since this idea started we’ve heard stories of churches where people turn up just for the coffee afterwards, where the aroma of fresh coffee (and the lure of a home-baked cake) have sparked conversations and strengthened relationships. In our own church a couple of cafétieres/french presses were donated and we started baking cakes. The result is that the coffee time is popular enough that we have to turf people out as we’re locking up. Hospitality counts, it matters, it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) require an edict from the church leadership and it has the potential to revolutionise church life.

Get involved

If you want to join in then by all means comment here or alternatively show your support by adding the Entertaining Angels Twibbon on your facebook or twitter avatars. You can also use the twitter hashtags #EntertainAngels or #GUBC4L.

The Entertaining Angels (GUBC4L) twibbon.

The Entertaining Angels (GUBC4L) twibbon.

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