To infinity and beyond…


Which of us as a child playing with Lego didn’t wish the models we built could actually do what the real thing could? I remember building aircraft out of Lego imagining what it would be like to see those models in the air or racing down the road (of course with Mecanno i didn’t have to imagine that hard becuase it was possible – but that’s a different post).

Well these guys have releasied the dreams of every child who ever buitl a model rocket. They’ve put a Lego Space Shuttle in the air and then some – 35000m (114000ft in old money). To a seasoned Lego builder like me who has now passed that love onto another generation this is quite simply – awesome (particularly from 2:38 onwards)

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2 Responses to “To infinity and beyond…”

  1. Michael Ranyard Says:

    Strangely moving. Lovely to watch. What was the first piece of music?

  2. Crimperman Says:

    It is isn’t it? According to Youtube the 1st song is Radical Face – Welcome Home.