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I’ll keep this as brief and succinct as I can:

Unless noted otherwise, everything on this site (including text and images) is Copyright © Ryan P. Cartwright

Everything that is copyright to me on this site is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 licence.

What that means is that you are free to :

  • distribute, use and/or transmit the works
  • alter or adapt the works
  • redistribute your altered version

Just as long as you:

  • Acknowledge me as the author/creator of the original by including this text somewhere in the work:

      “by Ryan Cartwright -”
  • For altered works you can put

      “Based on an original work by Ryan Cartwright“
  • Give those receiving any distributed works (including your own altered versions) the same freedoms as listed here
  • Add no additional restrictions - You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

Your otherwise fair usage of these works is not inhibited and any of the above conditions can be waived by getting prior permission from me in writing. That means if you want to use something of mine in a newspaper or paid for site and don’t want to make the individual publication you use my work in available under the same terms, you must get my prior written permission.


If you are including a cartoon in your newsletter you can leave the note I put at the bottom of the toon rather than write any specific acknowledgement.

If you want to use something in a commercial environment, you can do so under the above terms but it would be nice if you let me know as well.

If you want me to waive any of the above terms: send me an email stating what you want to use and how I’ll get back to you. Note sending an email does not constitute you getting permission to use my work in a non-licesed way, it just lets me know you want to use something.