Crimperman.org is the personal website of me, Ryan Cartwright. In the past it has served up an array of stuff I have created including

  • Cartoons
  • Music
  • Software
  • Digital imagery
  • Musings/blog

None of those are available here right now as I am having a rethink about what this this is and what it can be/do. So I'm afraid you'll not find much here right now. If you were looking for something in particular then I'm afraid I'm not offering it here any more.

Some places will still have copies of my stuff on the web (the web is like that, it hangs onto stuff after you've had enough of it)

One thing I would say is that if you do find my stuff on the web under anything other than a Creative Commons licence then let the distributor know that they're using the wrong licence..

Quick links


Cover of my award winning novel Do not feed the troll! I write stories and novels aimed at children and I've been publishing them under the moniker of Crimperbooks for some years now. Some have won awards and all are available to freely download and share under similar licensing to everything here. That said if you want to buy one in paperback or ebook form then you can of course do that too.

Interested in some free kids books with genuinely no strings attached? Head on over to Crimperbooks.

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