Hello world!

A photograph of NyHavn I took in København in 2017 A photo of Nyhavn, København I took in 2017. Site background is a photo I took of the Peak District in the UK CC:By-SA

This website is a personal website for me, Ryan Cartwright (also known as Crimperman). Like me, it has been been around on the web since the mid-1990s. You can see some of the previous incarnations at the bottom of this page.

So, within these walls, you will find:

Stuff I build
I make stuff. I like to upcycle, I like woodwork and some DIY. I also enjoy tech projects. You’ll find all these here.

Stuff I create
I write, draw, paint etc. You’ll find that here, including my self-published children’s fiction.

My code is released under the GPL, everything else is released under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 licence. Full details (including my preferred acknowledgement style) are on the legal page but (TL;DR) …

What that means is that you are free to :

  • distribute, use and/or transmit the works
  • alter or adapt the works
  • redistribute your altered version

Just as long as you:

  • Acknowledge me as the author/creator of the original
  • Give those receiving any distributed works (including your own altered versions) the same freedoms as listed here
  • Add no additional restrictions - You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

Your otherwise fair usage of these works is not inhibited and any of the above conditions can be waived by getting prior permission from me in writing.


Below is what this site has looked like since I first put it up in 1996. It has, at times, been:

  • a blog
  • a software resource
  • a place to put stuff I create

It’s never really been anything very big to be honest and I’m happy with that. I seem to recall, back in the days when I cared about such things, that it was getting about 100,000 page requests (as opposed to resource requests) per month. These days it gets about 100 a year :) . This site has been and remains a place for me to say “I am here!”.

You can see that the sheep mascot appeared around the turn of the century and he’s still here. His name is Stew. Why a sheep? No reason really. I was doodling (I have always done that) and I liked the way he looked.

An array of screengrabs of this site through the years
A brief pictorial history of this site