Not ashamed of the Gospel

Stuff I create

This is where you can find my written and other work. All of it will be released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike so feel free to download and distribute it within the terms of that licence.


The cover of one of my books For some time I have written and self-published children’s science-fiction under the imprint Crimperbooks. I’ve written books and short stories and have won awards for them as well.

Mostly aimed at 6 - 9 years olds, there are some works for older young people too.

My published longer titles so far include:-

You can download and distribute them for free or buy copies in paperback and digitally for your phone, tablet or e-reader.

About previous stuff I created

I’ve been running this site/blog/whatever for a long time and during that time the content on here has changed. Some people turn up still looking for it so I thought it might be nice to let you know about it.


I used to publish my cartoons on here under the titles of Crimpertoons and Noah & Sons. I stopped about 2013 and never really got back into it. I’m not sure they’ve aged well so I am not publishing them here. That doesn’t mean I am ashamed of them or there is any view in there I want to hide etc. It simply means the style and form of the cartoons looks, well, old and dated. One day I might revisit the cartoons but not today.


If you’ve come here looking for something called Scripture Reminder or Platitude Generator then you must be as old as I am. Those hit the dust decades ago and I have no intention of resurrecting them.

If you’re looking for software I wrote called Ryan's In Out Board or Ryan's Electronic Diary System, they have long since been abandoned and are no longer available. It’s possible you’ll find some archive of them somewhere but honestly I wouldn’t bother. They are alomst 20 years old, not been developed since 2006 and I no longer support them.

Windows wallpapers

Nope. I did these in 90s and I’ve not done any since. I’m not sure I even have them any more. There might be some on the web somewhere though I suppose.