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Also known as my projects. I am quite into upcycling, woodwork and electronics (usually based around the Raspberry Pi range). I’ve decided that some others might like to see what I’ve done and use or adapt my designs. So here they are.

Some of my projects Some of my projects

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Everything is downloadable and distributable without of charge under a Creative Commons International 4 Attribution-Share-Alike licence and is provided with NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER as to the suitability of purpose or safety. You use these designs and plans at your own risk and although most don’t need particularly specialist skills, if you do encounter anything beyond your skills, I advise you reach out to a qualified expert or professional to help you.

I don’t have a workshop, my garage is used for storage. Everything I build is done in my house, (usually) my garden and on a Black and Decker Workmate. Where I can, I use hand tools but I’m not precious about having to do so. I just do it because I enjoy it (also it stops the neighbours being disturbed). I have some power tools such as a circular saw, mouse sander, drill, an electric planer and a router. Those last two are new and I’ve not used them much.

There are no videos here. I figured you don’t need to watch me sawing or drilling let alone sanding. Some of these projects were done before I thought about putting them up here so they may not have too many photos, but to be honest, they are simple enough that you shouldn’t need videos or loads of progress photos. Where they are more complex I’ll provide more visuals. The times shown are for construction and don’t include time spent waiting for glue or paint to dry (or counting sheep).


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Footstool ( 3 hours )
The completed footstool I reused some wood from a wooden pallet to create this stylish padded footstool. The top is made from old material we had left over and padded with old t-shirts we were throwing away. Tell me more
Tea preparation tray ( 2 hours )
A photo of the finished tea tray Using some repurposed fencing wood I made a tray for us to use to prepare our hot drinks on. A very simple and easy project which requires just a few hand tools. Tell me more
Door number planter ( 1 hour )
The completed door number planter This simple upcycling project totally changed the front approach to our property. It’s wooden door number plaque with a box planter underneath. The door numbers are routed into the wood and painted rather than screwed in metal ones. Tell me more
Dog feeding station ( 4 hours )
The completed feeding station Our dog is tall and as such it’s easier for her to eat and drink from a raised level without having to stoop to the floor. I built a raised feeding station for her out of scrap wood. Tell me more

Coming soon

Some of these (the ones with photographs) I have built already but just not gotten around to creating a page for them here. Others (the ones without photos) I have designed but not yet built. I will write all of them up in due course, starting of course with the ones I’ve already made/

Green or living wall ( 16 hours )
The completed green wall, fully planted I completely changed a drab corner of our garden with a living wall of plants using some repurposed wood and spare weed fabric. Includes a cat ladder for our cats to use so they don’t climb up the green wall instead.
Raised planter ( 6 hours )
Seedlings growing in the raised planter There are a number of designs for these. Mine uses wooden decking planks, weed control fabric and some spare timber for support. It’s pretty cheap and very simple and quick to make.
Automatic irrigation system for the Green wall
Watering the green wall is pretty easy but, I like to automate where I can and so I have designed an automatic irrigation system for it based on a Raspberry Pi Pico and using a length of drainpipe for the reservoir.
Wooden fruit bowl without a lathe
Our fruit bowl broke (thank you cats) and so I have designed a new one. The problem is I don’t have a lathe and so I have designed it to be built like a large tray from scrap wood.
Black & Decker Workmate extender
Like many British DIYers I don’t have a workshop or garage to use so my workbench has been a Black & Decker Workmate. The problem is it is too short for me. So I have designed an extender unit for it which incorporates storage and extending support for sheet materials and a Moxon vice.
Power tool storage box and organiser
My power tools are stored in the ubiquitous tool cupboard. Over time it always becomes untidy and I can never reach the tools without removing loads of fluff first. Each time I tidy it, it is fine for a while and then the chaos resumes. I have designed a storage box for all my power tools to keep them accessible and keep the cupboard tidier by moving the less used stuff to the top shelves. The above workmate extender will fit on top of this as well - just to keep things even tidier.